Championship Rules - 2007

1. The first six trophies in the attached list will be awarded annually to members of the club scoring points in events qualifying for the particular trophy during the year ending December 31st. Full and family members are eligible and the member's subscription must be fully paid up at the time the points are earned.

2. Challenge Trophies will be held for one year only. Permanent replicas will also be given

3. Points will be gained according to the following tables. Final consideration will be given to the following number of events:

  • a) Up to 8 events available in the year, points from 5 events to count;
  • b) 9 or 10 events available in the year, points from 7 events will count;
  • c) 11 or more events available in the year, points from a maximum of 8 events to count.

EXCEPTION: Jarvis, Woodward and Pegley Trophies only. A member may count up to 8 scores in any single category, but may score additional points in another category. i.e. If a member takes part in 12 races, sprints and hillclimbs, only his best 8 will count, but if he also competes in other events (say rallies, autotests or PCT's) he may add points for all these up to 8 more events.

4. Qualifying events will be:

  • a) All HCAAC's sporting events held under MSA jurisdiction.
  • b) All other sporting events to which HCAAC, the Eight Clubs and/or the Area Associations to which HCAAC is affiliated have accepted an invitation.
  • c) All Area Championship events for which a member has registered to as an HCAAC member.

5. When a competitor has more than one entry at a meeting i.e. drives several cars at a sprint or takes part in several races, he may count a maximum of 2 scores. For the purpose of rule 3 this counts a 2 events.

6. Competitors must enter as HCAAC members to score points.

7. No member may win more than one of the following trophies. The order of preference will be COOK, JARVIS, BLACKLEY FUGGLE, CLARK, LESLIE.

i.e. If the same member has top score in the Jarvis and Cook tables, he will be awarded the Jarvis Trophy only, while the Cook Trophy will be awarded to the member with the next highest score.

8. In the event of equal eligible points scored, the competitor who has entered most events will win. If there is still equality, the competitor scoring the greatest number of first places will win, and so on considering second places etc.

9. To qualify for points for the Leslie Trophy the member must be first named navigator in a crew.

10. Except for events organised by HCAAC, it is the individuals responsibility to claim his points by sending a copy of the results to Steve Muir, 23 Woodland Rise, Studham, Dunstable, LU6 2PF

11. The decision of the committee is final in all anomalies and problems.