Championship Trophies - 2007

During the year, events that club members compete in count towards the clubs own championship. A total of 18 different trophies are presented at the annual dinner and dance to the winners of the different categories.

The following six trophies are awarded on the basis of points scored during the club championship. The results tables can be found at the bottom of this page.

  • Cook trophy - The most successful competitor in all events open to HCAAC members
  • Jarvis Trophy - The most successful competitor in races sprints and hillclimbs open to HCAAC
  • Blackley Fuggle - The next highest score in the points table
  • Clark Trophy - The most successful driver in all events other than races, sprints or hillclimbs, open to HCAAC members; or, if no other events claimed, for the next highest scorer (4th) in the points table
  • Woodward Trophy - The next highest scorer (5th) in the points table
  • Leslie Trophy - The most successful navigator

The remaining trophies are awarded at the discretion of the committee:

  • Wilcocks Rosebowl - For the most successful lady competitor
  • Ken Brown Trophy - The most successful novice competitor
  • Salmon Trophy - The most successful driver at the Debden sprints
  • New Hudson Trophy* - Achievement in National or International motor sport
  • Targa Trophy* - Achievement in national or international motor sport
  • Harter Trophy* - The most successful member in events to which the club was not invited
  • Lester Trophy* - Achievement in rally and navigational rally events
  • Fatigue Cup - The hardest working non-committee member
  • Marshal's Tankard - The member who marshaled the most club events
  • Lewis Trophy - Contributions to the club magazine
  • George Trophy* - For the most meritorious performance in a Racing Car

* The committee looks with favour on those carrying the HCAAC logo in these events.