Herts County Automobile & Aero Club

Annual Challenge Trophy Winners 2008



COOK TROPHY                                          for the most successful competitor in all events open to HCAAC members

Tony Staines


JARVIS TROPHY                               for the most successful competitor in races sprints and hillclimbs open to HCAAC members (usually second in points table).

Jonathan Gibbs


BLACKLEY FUGGLE TROPHY         for the next highest score in the points table.

Peter Moore


WOODWARD TROPHY                          for the next highest scorer (4th) in the points table.

David Gibbs


LESLIE TROPHY                                         for the best navigator.

Colin Pegley


CLARK TROPHY                                        for non speed events.

Lindy Scarborough


KEN BROWN TROPHY                        for the most successful novice competitor.

Mathew Wilson


SALMON TROPHY                           for most success at HCAAC’s Debden sprint venue.

Donald Duncan


WILCOCKS ROSEBOWL                 for most successful lady competitor.

Lindy Scarborough

NEW HUDSON CUP                         for success in national and international motor sport.

Chris Wilson

HARTER TROPHY                             for success in sprints in sprints and hillclimbs to which HCAAC was not invited.

Brian Horne


FATIGUE CUP                                   for the hardest working non-committee member.
To be announced at awards evening


MARSHALS TANKARD                   for most help at HCAAC events.

To be announced at awards evening


TARGA TROPHY                               for the member giving most help with marshalling at HCAAC events.

To be announced at awards evening

LEWIS TROPHY                                for best contribution to club magazine

David Gibbs